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Monthly by Golden Age Movement

A 3 hour workshop offered by Golden Age Monk Tejasa Ji streamed from India via zoom in over 40 USA and Canada locations.

Participants of this course will receive an energy transfer and may move into different states of awakening during the course of this journey.

Program Agenda Includes:

  • Ancient Sacred Practices to connect to the divine

  • Ancient Teachings

  • Ancient Healing Processes

  • Soma (A physical miracle manifested by our teacher.) 

  • Ancient Yogic Meditations

  • Powerful Energy Transfers from Enlightened Being

  • Dancing & great Fun!

  • Special Gifts from the divine

Join us for this experience of Self Transformation and Experience SHIFTS in Consciousness .

Previous participants have noticed:

  • A Calm Mind & Profound Inner Peace

  • Deep Awareness & Shift in Consciousness

  • Spiritual Growth & deep Energy Clearing & Balancing

  • Transformation in Consciousness

  • Improved over Health & Well being

  • Loving Relationships

  • Enhanced Capacity for Success

  • Brain Change and an Awakening

  • Increase in Physical & Spiritual Energy

Please arrive by 7pm EST am to settle in (Program starts 12:30pm EST).

We will have an amazing day of Ancient Teachings, Meditations, Fun, and an Energy transfer for Awakening from an Enlightened Monk.


Praimatee & Aditi


Aditi: 347- 415-2630

Praimatee: 718 - 641- 4178

Tickets: $27 ($25 + 2 dollars processing fee)

(If you are unemployed or under financial constraints inquire about volunteer positions or scholarship opportunities.)


Virtual only at this time. 


Email & Online (Via Paypal)

Please pay via paypal link

Note: please choose friends & family when paying via paypal.

Purchasing the ticket via paypal will automatically register you for the course.


Send zelle payments to:


Spanish Translation available upon request. 

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Calm Woman


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August 8th 2021
Sept 7th 2021

Yoga at Home


Create Workshop: Testimonials

“After the process, the next day I was cleaning the light house and naturally started to connect with the divine. I asked “why is man suffering?” as I was looking at the Supreme Light of Supreme Love. The divine said “man is suffering because he doesn’t know his true identity they think they are from this world. They think their this body and this is their house and their friends. They think they are of this world, but they a reach a ray of light from the Supreme Light. We are just a ray of light. This is not who we are, we are just having an experience of this world. I experienced god realization and discovered my true self. This is what needs to happen for mans suffering to end. "

Anonymous Participant

"I remained totally calm at work when I was asked to do 5 things at once. This has always sent my body into stress and my mind into a panic. Instead, everything seemed to flow effortlessly and I even enjoyed the prioritizing required. I was obviously calmer, but energized too."


“I feel my brain shifting inside. There is so much energy in my head, as I sleep i can see so much healing and changing taking place. I feel deep silence, awareness. I am experiencing states of oneness where witnessing is transitioning into just experiencing with no thoughts. Just experience. Just seeing or just hearing. I Feel energy coursing through my crown chakra and my head is filled with energy. There’s just silence. I feel so quiet inside i have no desire to speak."

- Organizer NYC

Create Workshop: Testimonials

"I over came my greatest fear and feel the presence of the divine so strongly. I had so many miracles after the course, it truly changed my life. The shift in consciousness I felt was like no other I felt before after years of spiritual work and retreats. If you seriously want enlightenment, you should not miss this. After 20 years I finally got the job, salary, and benefits I wanted. I feel truly blessed "

Anonymous Participant

Create Workshop: Testimonials

"It's a different world! My interaction with life has changed into something almost unbelievable - it is joy-based. When a challenge arises I immediately go for a solution with no story or interference from the mind."

Anonymous Participant

Create Workshop: Testimonials

"My observations are that I feel very calm and peaceful. I woke up feeling amazing and could not wait to visit my mother. I had zero apprehension about visiting her. Instead, I just felt love."

Anonymous Participant

Yoga at Home


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

This workshop is open to everyone age 14 and over. 

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

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