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Existing to Living

GoldenAgeNY is the New York Chapter of The Golden Age Movement. A Global Movement Founded by Sri Amma & Bhagavan to usher in the Golden Age. An age where mankind walks the earth enlightened and living with the divine alive inside of each person's heart fully awakened to it's presence.

Our vision and mission is to enlighten 64,000 people across North America to shift the consciousness of this country. Many are already living in fully god realized enlightened permanent states and are living in the present. The Global Movement exist around the World and has a mission to enlighten all of mankind.

Enlightenment cannot be achieved. It must be given by the divine. It is a divine benediction.

All goldenageny workshops are facilitated by trained experienced teachers of the golden age movement trained by the founders and monks and are certified Oneness Trainers. 

These Instructors are extensively trained by Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan in India and have been teaching for over 20 years.



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Yoga at Home

The Purpose of Life is to Live

Yoga at Home

Seva (Service) or Giving is the greatest way to grow spiritually  & financially