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Watch our mission video or read our mission statement below.

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Golden Age Movement Mission

GAM is an international movement and initiative to shift mankind into enlightenment. The underlying belief is that if a percentage of the population is enlightened then all of mankind will be enlightened. The goal for USA is 74,000 people to become enlightened.

Once the Supreme Light of the Supreme Love is awakened in the hearts of people their higher self or the divine within them will shift them in consciousness.

The following are the stages that one goes through with the guidance of a Supreme Light of Supreme Love Teacher. 

Transformation * Transcendence *Bliss * Awakening * Enlightenment

There are many paths to enlightenment on the planet. However, an enlightened master has the power and ability to move a person into a higher state of consciousness and shift them into enlightenment with exceptional speed. 

An Avatar is a divine being living and walking among us. I have experienced this miracle and I hope you all do as well in this life time.

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Watch Daily to Experience a shift in Consciousness

We would like each of you to experience the divine gift that is the blessings of our teacher. Above is a video where you can receive his blessings.

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