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Yoga at Home


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* Ask about our Weekly Donation Based Community Workshops

One Day Intensive Retreat with Golden Age Monks (JIH)
Awakening of Supreme Light of
Supreme Love in your heart
Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation Session
Prayer Power: How to Pray & Get Results
How to Manifest What you Want
Creating the perfect life inside & out
Perfecting & Healing All Relationships
Attracting the Perfect Partner
Healing Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Starting Over After Divorce
Attract Wealth in you life
Attract the perfect Job
Removing Energy Blocks
Healing the Physical Body
Cleansing & Protecting your Energy
Power of Prayer
Chakra Meditation
Pranic Meditations
Visualization Meditations
Vippasana Meditation
Awaken the Divine in your Heart
Third Eye Awakening
Heal Past Life Karma
Removal of Negative Life Patterns
Journey Into Happiness 1 day retreat
Golden Age Instructors Training*
* Classes with an asterisk require Prerequisites

In Person Events: Classes


This particular meditation clears energy blocks and awakens kundalini energy the life force in each person.

A Tower of Stones


Learning and practicing daily breathing mediations can shift our awareness and shift our perception, hence change our entire life.

Buddha Statue
Yoga at Home

Seva (Service) or Giving is the greatest way to grow spiritually  & financially

Donate to goldeageny and email us your prayer request.

Ask the divine to give you what you want in return for your donation or gift. (Please use friends & family option)

In Person Events: Quote
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