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Golden Age Movement NY

The Great Compassionate Light is the Highest of Divinity. All aspect of the divine in a form or formless come from this light. 

When awakened in your heart, you live a life with the divine inside of your heart guiding, protecting and helping you every day. 

Blessings or an energy transfer from the GCL result in a deep inner calm, inner silence, balance, awakening, awareness, mystical experiences and eventually permanent enlightenment. 

Join us for special processes to discover and become one with the  Great Compassionate Light. 

Become a walking divine light on earth and help to usher in the golden age...

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What is the Great Compassionate Light? (AKA Supreme Light of Supreme Love)

GCL: About Us


Benefits of the The Great Compassionate Light Deeksha

GCL: About Us


*The Great Compassionate Light Deeksha*

Ultimately moves you into a state of oneness with the Great Compassionate Light.

Balances and Cleanses Chakras (Energy Centers)

Facilitates healing of hurts and deep life traumas

Awakens the Divine Presence inside your heart

Promotes physical healing in the body

Moves you into a state of oneness

Weakens Drug & Alcohol addictions

Clears Negative Energy

Raises Kundalini Energy

Improves all relationships

Increases Awareness

Awaken your heart

Quiets the mind

Removes blocks

Poolside Meditation
GCL: About


Deeksha from the Great Compassionate Light (Supreme Light of Supreme Love)

Watch this video daily to receive deeksha from the Great Compassionate Light

GCL: About Us
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