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Live Every Saturday via zoom. Email/Text for more info.

(12 PM EST, 9 AM PST, 10 AM MT 11am CT) 


Txt: 347-415-2630

Everything in life is easy when you have a strong connection to the divine. Healing relationships, charges, overcoming obstacles and fulfilling your desires all have one thing in common - you need the divine's help.

By simply Awakening this connection you can completely change the game.

Sri Amma Bhagavan's sacred chambers will:

- Solve any problem
- Heal you physically
- Heal you emotionally
- Shift you to higher states of consciousness
- balance your energy and cleanse negative energy from your body
- Raise your kundalini
- Deepen your awareness
- Give you miracles in your life
- Ask for anything that you want & the divine will give it to you.

Video What is Sacred Chambers (Copy/Paste link into Address bar):

Live Online Events: Welcome
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