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Virtual. Text for more info or zoom link.

Txt: 347-415-2630

Join a community of consciousness beings who are on a path to enlightenment guided by enlightened masters & enlightened monks. 


  • Energy transfer from the great compassionate light (Divine Light)

  • Practice Ancient Meditations 

  • Learn Powerful Ancient Sanskrit Mantras

  • Group Prayer & Intentions

  • Learn about upcoming powerful processes 


  • Physical and Emotional healing 

  • Shift to higher states of consciousness

  • Balance your energy and cleanse negative energy from your body

  • Raise your Kundalini

  • Deepen your level of awareness

  • Miracles will happen in your life

  • Create or deepen your connection to the divine

Live Online Events: Welcome


Ancient Teachings & Processes for Enlightenment by Sri Amma Bhagavan.

74,000 Deeksha Yagna Registration Information:

Tuition cost: Tuition is $625 for June 2023- May 2024.

* The Tuition of $625 isn’t dependent on which month you register it remains the same throughout the year even if you register in July, August or September it is still $625. 

To Register with Aditi and Praimatee place their name in the referral field. 


STEP 1: Make your payment to GAM India:


STEP 2: FILL OUT GOOGLE FORM: This way we know you signed up and paid and are registered for that year.

STEP 3: SEND PHOTO to Aditi at 347-415-2630 on the telegram app. (Download telegram if you dont have it)

What You Will Receive in the 74000 Deeksha Yajna Program

• Twelve Live Darshan Sessions online with Sri Amma Bhagavan – In these powerful monthly sessions, Sri Bhagavan shares information about the human condition and possible futures for humanity based on revelation. Each month participants will receive mystical surgeries to shift the focus of the brain to make way for enlightenment.

• A Powerful Blessing from Sri Amma Bhagavan – All program participants will receive a powerful blessing from Sri Amma Bhagavan for enlightenment. In addition, a triple blessing for Health, Wealth, and Relationship to experience fulfillment in both spiritual and material needs or desires.

• Transcripts of the Darshans – Transcripts of the darshans will be available to review at your leisure. You will be able to read and fully take in information provided during the darshan in response to participants’ questions - a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts.

• Weekly Sessions to Prepare for Peak States – A one-hour session each week (Saturday for North America), except for the weekend of the Darshan to cleanse past karma and make space for a closer connection between you and your indwelling Divine presence.

• Monthly Full Moon Enlightenment Process – During the Full Moon, special rituals to accelerate enlightenment on the planet will be performed at Satyaloka, a sacred campus in India where the Oneness phenomenon began. You will be able to observe, participate and benefit from the Monthly Full Moon Enlightenment Process.

• Daily Prayers and Rituals by Monks – Your name and photo are sent to the sacred Satyaloka campus where monks pray and chant daily for your enlightenment.

• Monthly Q & A Session with a Guide from India – Questions may arise as you begin the

74,000 Deeksha Yajna program. To support your experience, our guide from India will hold a live Q & A Session online.

• Community Forums on Telegram for Discussion and Connection – You will be able to share your progress, receive support and hear from other 74000 Deeksha Yajna 2022 members as they experience the various characteristics of enlightenment, miracles, and transformation.

Possible Participant Benefits Include:

Mental chatter is silenced.


Health and Emotional well being will improve.


Decision-making is enhanced by inner guidance.

Experience of causeless love and limitless joy will be imparted.


Relationships are transformed into love and connectedness with family and friends. 

Live Online Events: About
Yoga meditation


A Transformation In Consciousness & Training to Help Others.

Live Online Events: Classes

Take a powerful 3-day journey of learning the sacred teachings and wisdom from living Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan. This rare live Online Event allows you to undergo a deep inner journey of healing and awakening while in the comfort of your own home. For more info visit:

Offered 3 times a year. For more info, or to join our community telegram group email us at and include your cellphone number.

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